Emergency Towing Service In Salem, OR

We provide towing service of emergency service as and when required by you. Life happens, especially when you are on the road.


We Are More Than Just Towing

One minute you are listening to your favorite music and another minute you have got a flat tire. Or you run out of gas. Or your battery has gone dead. Or you have locked the keys inside your own car. And now you are stranded. All you have to do is call us for any type of emergency services you need. It’s an emergency and not a relaxing break to surf the internet. All you want in such a situation is a reliable, fast, friendly, and trustworthy emergency service. As it could happen all in the middle of nowhere and on the top it’s a night time. No problem. Just call us, Pro Emergency Towing.

The Vehicle Can Malfunction Anywhere

A vehicle can malfunction without a moment’s notice, leaving the driver in a vulnerable and unsafe situation. This can happen to even the well-maintained vehicle. While these mishaps cannot be prevented, you should always be ready with the Pro Emergency Towing phone number in your vehicle, wallet, or purse. We serve many areas like Salem, Keizer, Silverton, Woodburn, and Stayton and we are always on standby to assist in all your towing needs.

We Are At Your Emergency Service

If you break down at a busy intersection, in front of your home, parking lot, or somewhere far off, please allow our well-trained staff to help get your vehicle to a safe location, where it can be repaired. Our technicians are skilled, trained, and qualified to transport any make and model vehicle to a garage or a location of your choice. We will treat your vehicle in the best possible way. We will ensure that no further damage is done will transportation to your vehicle.

Getting You a First Opinion On The Road

A lot of times when you are facing mechanical issues with your vehicle on the road the last thing that you want to do is press on and risk hurting your vehicle a lot more. We can provide you help in such an emergency situation. We will arrive on-site, take a look at your vehicle, we can let you know what we see by analyzing the car problem. From there if you feel that getting the car towed to the nearest shop is the best option, and then we will set that up for you.

The Quicker You Call, The More Options You Will Have

We want to make sure that people are as safe on the road as they can be. You can actually help us do that by calling in when you have an issue. As usual, we have seen that people who call us when they start noticing that things are getting a bit complicated and it is important for them to get back on road faster. Call us we will do the needful in a cost-effective way. We have our emergency roadside assistance crew for you to take care of your problem.

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Our services are available in these areas to serve you:

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Salem, Oregon

 Emergency Towing Service Salem, OR 

The 17th-century settlers named Salem after Shalom, which is the word for peace and harmony in Hebrew.

Salem is a diverse community with well-established neighborhoods, a family-friendly ambiance, and a small-town feel.

Salem is a residential and tourist area home to the House of Seven Gables, Salem State University, Pioneer Village, the Salem Maritime National Historic Site, Salem Willows Park, and the Peabody Essex Museum. It features historic residential neighborhoods in the Federal Street District and the Charter Street Historic District.

In Salem, there is a program called Salem Spins that offers bicycles, free of charge, for use around the city.

Salem is the birthplace of the American military. The town Governor, John Endecott, created an official militia to defend Salem in 1628, Which paved the way for making the Army National Guard. In 2013, President Barack Obama signed a law stating that the guard’s birthplace is indeed Salem, Massachusetts.



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