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Pro Emergency Towing, we recognize that your truck is more than just a means of transport; it’s the mean of your livelihood.

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Professional Heavy Duty Towing Service

Oftentimes, it’s even your home on the road, so you can take ease in knowing your best interests are our top priority. We will make sure that your vehicle is given the care it needs so you can get back on the road as quickly as possible. If you encounter problems on the road heavy-duty truck, let us promptly come to your aid so your travel can be stress-free.

We pride ourselves on our ability to handle even the largest, most difficult issue with the help of our skilled and professional team of workers. Whether dealing with the large commercial fleet, local truck fleet, interstate trucking, an owner-operator, or simply your own personal truck, we are here for you and we get the job done in a timely, safe and efficient manner.

We Are Well Equipped

At Pro Emergency Towing, we have a specific division of specialty trucks for every challenging and heavy-duty situation. Dedicated to the transportation and heavy equipment industry, we have what it takes to tow, recover, and clean up the site after a crash or any incident. Whether it’s local or anywhere in Salem Oregon, Keizer, Silverton, Woodburn, and Stayton, we are your number one source for heavy-duty recoveries and towing services and are always happy to accommodate fleet service and commercial trucking contracts.

Affordable Solution

We provide fast and affordable service to medium-duty trucks and heavy-duty trucks. We provide an affordable solution for all delivery trucks, construction trucks, work trucks, and other medium trucks. There affordable truck towing is available 24/7. Pro Emergency Towing provides professional and reliable service. With a fleet of two trucks and recovery vehicles at your disposal, they stand prepared to handle any heavy duty towing situation. They are an expert recovery team with trained and certified towing operators offering fast, friendly towing solutions for heavy vehicles all the time for you.

We Are Your Heavy-Duty Partner

In your heavy-duty vehicle, be it a bus, semi, tractor-trailer, RV, or large construction equipment, when you have a situation like a breakdown, roll over, stuck in a ditch, or under a bridge. And all of a sudden, you have a heavy-duty problem that standard tow trucks just cannot handle. You do not have time but just have our phone number ready with you. You can just pick up the phone and call us and explain your situation, we will reach you as quickly as possible. We are reliable, trustworthy, and friendly service who can solve your problem with a heavy-duty vehicle in hand.

We Are Well Equipped And Experienced With Heavy-Duty Towing Service

Our drivers are experienced and fully equipped with all tools to handle your heavy-duty truck. They know exactly what needs to be done to get you back on road.

Towing is what we do. And we are not just limited to light or medium-duty towing. Whenever you need a professional service for heavy-duty towing we are ready to provide you the service. You can call us whenever there is a situation, we will provide you the quote over the phone itself before dispatching our truck to help you so that you know our charges according to the situation and there are no surprises for you after the service is done.

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Salem, Oregon

 Heavy Duty Towing Salem, OR

The 17th-century settlers named Salem after Shalom, which is the word for peace and harmony in Hebrew.

Salem is a diverse community with well-established neighborhoods, a family-friendly ambiance, and a small-town feel.

Salem is a residential and tourist area home to the House of Seven Gables, Salem State University, Pioneer Village, the Salem Maritime National Historic Site, Salem Willows Park, and the Peabody Essex Museum. It features historic residential neighborhoods in the Federal Street District and the Charter Street Historic District.

In Salem, there is a program called Salem Spins that offers bicycles, free of charge, for use around the city.

Salem is the birthplace of the American military. The town Governor, John Endecott, created an official militia to defend Salem in 1628, Which paved the way for making the Army National Guard. In 2013, President Barack Obama signed a law stating that the guard’s birthplace is indeed Salem, Massachusetts.


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