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Pro emergency towing Stayton can together with cars and medium-duty vehicle towing also provides you service for towing large and powerful heavy towing service. So you always get reliable and dependable service in distressed conditions on the road from us.

We provide service 24/7 so that any time you need towing of your vehicle, whether light, medium or heavy call us for assistance. We have experts and equipment to deal with all situations perfectly and help you in any situation to get you back on the road. Pro Emergency Towing and its network of licensed affiliated experts specialize in wrecking services for a wide variety of vehicles. We are well equipped with our crew to assist you with flatbeds, dolly, pickup, car forward, SUV, or heavy-duty truck.

We Can Help You With Emergency Towing Service

Road emergencies happen more often than you can ever imagine. Drivers can get stuck on the road while waiting helplessly for a rescue. Do you have anyone to depend on? Are you sure about the service of a towing company that will come to get you and your car? How long are you ready to wait? So under such a situation, all you need is an emergency towing service. Pro Emergency Towing can help you come out of such a situation. As soon as you give us a call, we dispatch for you the vehicle equipped with all tools and friendly crew members.

Your Safety Is Our Responsibility

Your road safety is our utmost responsibility in the Stayton area. no matter how carefully you drive, accidents happen and you are in a vulnerable position, call us for assistance. We are a reliable and experienced company working for multiple years in the Stayton area, always eager to help you in any situation. We are dedicated to providing you the best quality service. We believe that our capability of providing emergency towing service comes from our long-term competitiveness and reliability.

Despite there are many companies to provide you emergency towing service we are the best known for our quality and on-time service. We are indeed dedicated to fulfilling our promise to attend to your needs. Always depend on us for emergency road problems. Our team immediately comes to the rescue involving you and your vehicle. We employ a team of professionals who are experts and skilled in the towing business. Our team is always on the clock to assist and provide emergency help to you 24/7 in the Stayton area.

Vehicle-Related Issues Can Be Handled By Our Competent Team Members

Did your car stop all of a sudden on the road? The problem can be due to brake, engine, suspension, tires, and others. Don’t attempt to fix the problem as you might not have adequate knowledge or you may even get hurt. When one such situation happens to you in the wee hours of the morning, you will definitely feel frustrated because help can be impossible at this time. But you can always give us a call, and your assistance will be on the way to help you and get you back on the roads. For any emergency towing situation you can rely on us and give us a call any time of the day.

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Stayton, Oregon

Towing Service Stayton, OR

Stayton is a city in Marion County, Oregon United States, located 12 miles (19 km) southeast of the state capital, Salem on Oregon Route 22. It is south of Sublimity and east of Aumsville. Located on the North Santiam River, Stayton is a regional agricultural and light manufacturing center. The population was 7,644 at the 2010 census. Established in 1872, it was incorporated in 1891. Stayton is part of the Salem Metropolitan Statistical.

Stayton was founded by Drury Smith Stayton, who purchased the town site in 1866 and built a carding mill and sawmill on a watercourse of the North Santiam River. In 1872, he platted the town site, and that same year the community received a post office. A ferry crossing of the Santiam River operated from 1876 until a bridge was constructed in 1888. By 1880, a laundry had been established by Kee Sing and Tom. The first newspaper, The Stayton Sun, was published in 1889 by T. H. McGill.

Santiam Hospital is the lone hospital in the city. The only state highway is Route 22, which is located on the north side of Stayton, separating it from Sublimity.


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