Towing Service In Dallas, OR

We make sure that whenever you are driving in or around Keizer, Oregon feels as safe as can be while out on the road. As we are here to take care of anything you need a little bit more than just towing service.

Pro Emergency Towing is always there for you for vehicle transport and roadside assistance 24/7, wherever you are, inside the Keizer city or far off from Keizer. We have all the services ready with us that are required that you may encounter on the road.

We Are Ready With All Equipment And Skilled Workers To Help You In Need

We try and cover any potential issue that you could encounter on the road. To be able to do that we are ready with our bunch of trucks and required equipment. Above that, we also have a group of the professional team who ensures that the work is perfectly done the right way. Our staff is capable of working under pressure while still maintaining a happy smile to care for our valuable clients. We have all the basic services available for you when you are on road just give us a call and we can provide you with the following services:

  • Towing Service
  • Emergency Towing
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Heavy Duty Towing

We are well equipped with towing and getting vehicles out of tough spots. What we also focus equally on is our roadside assistance service which you may come across anytime and anywhere. In this service, we can help you with situations like a flat tire and no tire for replacing, a dead battery, or you are locked out of your car in the middle of nowhere. All you need to do is give us a call our skilled crew members and driver will do all possible things necessary for coming out of the situation.

Truck And Car Towing Service

If your truck has become damaged or stalled on the road due to a breakdown or collision in the outskirts of the Keizer area or within the city also, you will certainly need professionals to help you sort out a towing truck to reach your destination. We are specialized in towing and always ready to assist you in any emergency. We have heavy winching equipment and specially designed tow trucks in Keizer that can salvage your vehicle within the responsible time frame for an affordable price.

Heavy-duty tow trucks are equipped with under-reach wheel lift technology, making us proficient at providing high-powered damage-free towing service. Towing a car without the right equipment or a powerful enough towing vehicle in Keizer, so do not risk further damage to your car by trying to do the towing by yourself. We are a professional car towing service that is well equipped with tools and experienced drivers to tow you out of the troubled situation easily.

A Frustrating Situation Like Out Of Gas Or Lockout Service

This is one of the very frustrating situations if you believed that you could make it to the nearest gas station or sometimes just forgot to stop by a gas station and now you are stuck in the middle of nowhere and need help. Pro Emergency Towing is all prepared; all you need is to give us a call and let us know your situation. You will get gas in your tanks in the shortest time possible. An equally frustrating situation is when you are locked out of your own car. We have help ready with the right kind of equipment to get you back on the road at an affordable cost.

We proudly offer other services in Dallas, OR:

Road Assistance

Heavy Duty Towing

Emergency Towing Services


Our services are available in these areas to serve you:

Independence, OR
Stayton, OR
Keizer, OR
Salem, OR


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Dallas, Oregon

 Towing Service Dallas, OR

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